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in SEO - 03 Jun, 2015
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What is SEO? Why SEO is so important.
What is SEO and why seo is so important.
Search engine optimisation is additional necessary than ever today and also the internet Master of verity that means of SEO still because the potential it creates for each business to grasp the necessity for it .
Hello friends, I hope you are very well. It,s my first SEO tips What I will share with you.

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What Is SEO?

SEO is brief for program optimization or program optimizer. Google , Bing , and Yahoo – including a search engine to search engine optimization (SERP) ranking of the search results page placement by obtaining a technique used to increase the amount of visitors to a website , techniques and strategies in a manner other search engine.

Internet users not to click through pages and pages of search results for a common practice , so where a site ranks in a search of his love to the site is essential for directing more traffic . Naturally, the higher a website , an organic search results that will be visited by a user that the site ranks the greater the chance .

Why SEO Is So Important.

SEO is more important than ever in today’s competitive market . Let their questions or solve their own search engines are looking for answers to serve millions of users every day . Are you a Web site , blog or Seo will facilitate your business grow and meet business objectives .

Search engine optimization is important as aresult of :

1. Results from users of the page , choose one of the Top 5 suggestions that the majority of search engines are more likely to take advantage of this and you need to place as high as possible in your on- line store to gain from your web site visitors or customers .

2. SEO is not only a web site in search engines , but good SEO practices to improve the user experience and usability .

3. Users are searching for keywords in the search engine and user of the web site presence in top positions of increased confidence.

4. Social promotion is good for SEO of your website . Search Google or Yahoo to find your web site people who are on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ or other social media channels are more likely to endorse it .

5. SEO is important for the smooth running of a large Web site . Using multiple authors web site SEO can benefit from a direct and indirect way . Increase search engine traffic directly benefit them and their indirect benefits of a common framework (checklists) before you publish content on the site is used .

6. SEO can put you ahead of the competition . Two web sites are selling the same thing , search engine optimized web sites are more and more customers and make more sales is more likely.


Friends ended of the day . The next day, again with something new will appear in front of you. (Tusar sarker)


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