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in Computer Tips - 12 Dec, 2015
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What Is VPN? Details About VPN

Hi friend, Thanks for visit Banglar Projukti . Hope you well. Today I write about VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN is a Privet network in public network. That gives full security to an internet user on data transfer. There are some web site that blocked by the government of the country you can easily visit that site by VPN. You can visit any risky site by VPN. Some countries have imposed such a ban on the use of VPN.

How to Make Virtual Private Network?

To make a Virtual Private Network you need a good VPN Software. There is Some Free VPN Software and some are paid VPN Software. In This Post I give you (2 Free and 1 Premium) VPN Software. After Download, You can easily use it. If you want then you can look guideline from official website.

Download VPN Software For Windows and Android

Free 2 VPN software is betternet hola!. You need only download and install it to use. I give you the official download link. From there you can download for your any devise like (android, IOS, windows). But Hotspot Shield Elite is paid software so I give you a third party download link.

Why you use VPN?

To visit protect countries website.

There is some website that is not for all country. Those are only for some country. Like this site. But if you use VPN then you can easily visit that kind website. You can also get some extra offer by it.

To view any blocked content

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� There are much content that is only for 18+ age. But when you use VPN then you can easily view that. But do not use it for under 18 for 18+ sites.

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To use any public Wi-Fi network safely

The public Wi-Fi network is not safe for any important data transfer. But when you use VPN Then you can make a private network in public network. Then you can transfer data safely.

Transfer personal files safely

You know all the files on the Internet or on the exchange of information are to be supervised. You might want to send someone a file that you want to download from the Internet or when exposed to extreme danger. Using the VPN that securely download or upload the files can be seen by everyone.

Browsing Never Locked

Think, you were charged to court. It is referred to as, has you browsing the Internet with cocaine or made to order. If you have done your chemistry projects, so it’s still not legal. If your PC to create VPN anatresebala your browser history will be complete. Meanwhile, you can prove yourself innocent and easily. All of these are serious issues to be able to protect you from the VPN.

For Privacy VPN is Bast

Google is such a thing uncle, from which you can not escape in any way. What are you doing, how to do, what your interests are very well aware of all these Google. If you do not wish your information to be stored somewhere, then the best solution for you to use VPN. You are completely anonymous VPN use.

If you fill any problem then comment that. Thank you From Banglar Projukti {I am DIPJYOTI BISWAS. }


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