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in Facebook - 09 Jan, 2018
by Dipjyoti Biswas - no comments
Solution Of Facebook Account Block

Hello Friend How are you?
Hope you all fine.

Today I Tell about Facebook Block. We use many facebook fake account. It Not right to use fake account. But some of us use facebook fake account to work as a social media marketer. Most of us think that we cannot work as a male account. But that are not write, we can easily use our real account for that work.

Ok if you need to use any fake account then use some ticks. I think if you use this system then facebook not block you.
So late’s start.

  1. Add Phone account. (If you not to public you phone number then hide that.)
  2. Fill up all information on facebook
  3. Add cover Picture.
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  5. Change cover Picture and Profile Picture after same days.
  6. Do not send lot of friend request in same time.
  7. Post some status of add some picture on facebook wall.
  8. Do not like more page and not add more group in a single time.

At last i want to tell some thing:

Facebook are not a man! Facebook a website of social site, We can also tell it as a Social Media. Facebook look on our profile and also think about our activate. On our activate facebook block our account. Facebook are not know us, he/she or the bot of facebook justify on our activate on our activate facebook block our profile.

If we use facebook as simply or as a real user then the % of block are down.

You can also view this video. This video is not any tutorial. I take a class of some students. This video is a Screen Record of my Class.




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