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in Others - 07 Jul, 2014
by Dipjyoti Biswas - no comments
How to Save Your Contacts Number forever

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Today I write about Save Your Contacts Number ita��s simple but important.

How to Save Your Contacts Number forever

How to keep our Contacts Number Save to Mobile asakari not mean to say that someone. So to keep the required number s Save Our SIM / phone system is provided. However, if suddenly your SIM / mobile phone is lost or if not, what? SIM / mobile is available to buy new if you lose, but the simplest way to get anywhere is not lost Contacts Number. So you do not get lost again to Contacts Number writing about this.

People who are not currently using the android mobile asakari can be found too low. Because, if this is to work with your mobile phone will be the Android (I have not seen any other phone). While using Android mobile moves us to e-mail address is required to keep or login. Now I’ll show you how to use this email Save Contacts Number Please note forever. As long as you keep in mind that while your e-mail to your Contacts Number adresa and Password will be lost somewhere.

Let the …

Turn Your Phonebook application first, and then click New Contacts icon. Without knowing the image below to see …

Notice that the top of the page will check the text Phonebook Contact, click on her to see how many shot options. Here you select your email address.


To save a new number, the number must note while saving a group from the Group Name to tick the box. Show your phone number in Contacts will not if I do not tick the box.


Please select the Contacts to display checking your email …

Save the number in your email so you will not be lost if asakari someday. Now SIM / mobile is lost if you do not have to fear anymore. Because, now, you with your Email and Password to login to the mobile phone, you can leave all your Contacts Number.
Numbers will be able to save all of the above rules.

If you fill any problem then comment that. Thank you From Banglar Projukti {I am DIPJYOTI BISWAS. }

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