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in oDesk Test's Answer - 07 May, 2015
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oDesk Web Graphic Design Tests Answer 2015

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oDesk Web Graphic Design Tests Answer 2015

Any area of a page that is not covered by type or illustrations is known as ____________

black space

A/An ____________ color scheme consists of single base color and any number of tints or shades of that color.


By which a�?magical numbera�� should a linea��s length be divided so that it can be bisected using the golden ratio?


By combining black with which color can a design get a technical feel?


Didot is a ____________ serif font.


A�____________ is the process of adjusting the space between individual letters.


A�____________ is a principle of design that has to do with the differences in the scale of objects.


____________ and ____________ are the most important visual cues we can use to determine or create depth and volume in compositions.

Proportion, perspective

The ____________ is the end of the content that users can see on a page before they scroll down. clomid no rx, clomid reviews.


In print design language, the vertical space between the lines of the text is known as ____________.


____________ is an eight bit format that compresses files on the basis of the number of colors in the image.


In Photoshop adjustments, the Hue color affects the overall ____________ of the image.


____________ is anything that gives a distinctive appearance to the surface of a design.

A pixel


For which purpose has the JPEG format been developed?

It has been developed to store Graphics Interchange Format

State whether True or False.

The lesser the difference between a graphic element and its surroundings, the more that element will stand out.


State whether True or False.

CSS borders provide myriad of possible effects that do not rely on extra images.


State whether True or False.

Colors are displayed in percentages of red, green, and blue light in an additive color model.


State whether True or False.

The lower angled strokes in the letters a�?Ka�?, a�?Ra�? and a�?Qa�? are known as legs.


State whether True or False.

A focal point is the point where the different elements of a composition interact with one another.


A�The curved angle that connects the terminal of the stroke to the serif is known as a ____________


Which is the type of symmetry which is applied to web site layouts by centering the content or balancing in between columns?

Horizontal symmetry

Which of these adds richness and visual interest to all types of design?


Which of the following is one of the ways to avoid pixelation of an image to be published on the web?

Enhance the Hue Saturation

Which is the most common and expressive element of a graphic design?


Which of these is a method to create a�?emphasisa�� in a design?


Which kind of font do a�?Wingdingsa�? and a�?Webdingsa�� fall under?

Dingbat font

Which of these is an advantage of liquid-width layout?

The designer has more control over how an image floated within the content will look

Which of these is not a kind of freeform shape?


Which one of the following fonts does not come under a�?the safe lista�??

All of the above are safe.

Which of these does not fall in the category of a�?warm colorsa��?


What does SIFR stand for?

Scalable Inman Flash Replacement

What is a split-complementary color scheme?

It is a color scheme that uses the two colors adjacent to the base colora��s complement

What is the imaginary horizontal line on which most of the characters sit called?

Cap height

What does the term a�?typoa�� stand for?

Writing mistakes

What is a comprehensive dummy?

It is a complete simulation of a printed layout that is created before the layout goes to the press

What is the term given to the process of cropping, resizing and modifying the pictures found while searching with search engines and using them for onea��s own site?

Google Ganking

What is an analogous color scheme?

It is a color scheme that consists of colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel

What does the a�?brightnessa�� of an image refer to?

It refers to the saturation of the color appearance in the images

What does proximity refer to in the design theory?

It is a way to make a group of objects feel like a single unit

What is the a�?core purposea�� of web designing?


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