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in Computer Tips - 18 Nov, 2015
by Dipjyoti Biswas - no comments
How To Take Full Web Page Screenshot

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When we browse Internet then some time we need take screenshots.

We can take screenshot by press PrtSc SysRq Key one the keyboards, then we need to paste this image on paint then we save it.

If our operating system is windows 7, 8 or 10 then we can use Snipping Tools for take screenshot.

But all this posses take 20-30 minute.

Today I Tell You about 1 amazing add-ons of Firefox by that you can easily take screenshot.

By this

  1. You can capture all the web page.
  2. You can save it any image mood (PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP).
  3. You can print from here.
  4. Copy for keyboard.
  5. You can mail it.

Screenshots can be quickly captured and:

  • Saved as Image or PDF
  • Sent to clipboard
  • Printed
  • Annotated
  • Uploaded
  • E-Mailed *

Download add-ons

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