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in Upwork - 08 Feb, 2016
by Dipjyoti Biswas - no comments
How to open an account on Upwork

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Today I write about upwork. If you want to start earn money from internet then this post is for you. This post I write about how to create an account on upwork.
1. First go to https://www.upwork.com/ you can see a page like

2. Here you can look SIGN UP button click this button.
3. Then you can look 2 options (1. I want to hire a freelancer Hire Button) (2. I’m looking for online work, Work Button). If you want to earn money by working here then click Work Button. Or if you need worker then click Hire Button.od2
4. Most of us want to work here so we click on Work button.
5. After clicking we look a page like this page.

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6. Then you look 2 options 1. Sign UP With Linkedin 2. Sigm Up With Email. If you have a Linkedin account then you Use (1). Most of us have a email account so here we use option 2 Sign Up With Email click this button.
7. Now Fill up the form and click on Get Started button.

8. Now go to your email here you get a mail from Upwork. Open that and click on the verify link.

9. Now your Upwork account is created.

One the next Post I write about How to complete 100% your Upwork account.

If you fill any problem then comment that. Thank you From Banglar Projukti {I am DIPJYOTI BISWAS. }


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