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in Health - 25 Jun, 2016
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Health for Life

Through studies and collaborations with our customers, we know well being entanglements restrain their potential, keeping them from building a superior future for themselves and their families. The absolute most regular well being inconveniences are preventable maladies like diabetes, hypertension, and cervical growth. Misinterpretations about medicinal services and absence of access to socially suitable administrations result in high rates of these preventable illnesses. The Saluda Para la Vida system is intended to explicitly counter the social insurance challenges that rustic, indigenous ladies face in Guatemala.


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Guatemala’s unpredictable social insurance scene is an aftereffect of a long and entangled history overflowing with segregation and disparity. Companionship Bridge customers face numerous institutional, social, and phonetic obstructions that add to the striking well being differences in Guatemala. As a feature of this perplexing social insurance scene, there are numerous well being convictions and misguided judgments that are basic in our customers’ groups. The well being training gave through Saluda Para la Vida is intended to address these misinterpretations and elevate access to the socially proper deterrent well being benefits that are accessible to our customers.


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