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in SEO - 01 Jul, 2015
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7 tips for effective on -page SEO

Hello friends, how are you. I hope we are very well. I wrote a new post about 7 tips for effective on -page SEO.

What about this page?

As in , the search engine that the answer to the fundamental question of our most important tasks . If people can not read the pages of the search engine , so we formed our content and clues as to what it means to incorporate . This is useful results that match the query to the search engine optimization relevance of material help .

Our understanding of the techniques used to capture the meaning of the content , as well as what is related to the signal and ultimately helps to make it rank higher in search results helps . This post is to build on each other , but can not be combined into sophisticated ways that explores a series of on-page techniques .

Google does not disclose the exact details of its algorithm , over the years we find this process to be able to explore the hundreds of interviews , research papers , and US patent filings have evidence gathered from observation . Posted in SEO by the Sea in order to do a lot of research led by Bill Slawski, special thanks .

As you ‘ve noticed , keep in mind this is only Google can determine the relevancy of the page , and some of the ways that they are not the law ! Experimenting on your own is always the best policy .

We start with the simplest , and will move to the more advanced and below the 7 seo tips.

1. Keyword Usage


3. Synonyms and Close Variants

4. Page Segmentation

5. Semantic Distance and Term Relationships

6. Co-occurrence and Phrase-Based Indexing

7. Entity Salience

Now we will discuss the details of 7 tips for effective on -page seo.

1. Keyword Usage

At the beginning , it was the expression . On the page .

The idea was this: if your page is focused on a specific topic , the search engine will find keywords in important areas . This is the text title tags , headlines , images Alt attributes , and all included. By placing these keywords in their pages to help SEOs space .

Even today , we start with the keywords and on-page optimization is the most basic form of it remains .









On -page SEO tools depending on the grade pages, keyword placement , and it remains a good place to start , study shows its impact is reduced .

it is important to ensure that a minimum of the page you want to rank for your keywords , it is possible to influence the ranking of your page keyword placement is unlikely that there will be a lot .


It’s the sound frequency – inverse document frequency (TF – IDF ), the sound is not concentration .

Google researchers recently demonstrated in several well-known as a component of Google’s patents and TF – IDF variations ” long index web pages can be used” as TF – IDF description .

TF – IDF takes a word , but a word of documents collected from a larger -than-expected set of the importance of comparison provides a measure of how frequently , how often does not measure .

Google’s Ngram viewer ” basketball player ” phrases ” basket ” in comparison , we are ” baskets” can be seen in the ” basketball player ” , a rare view. Based on these frequencies , we ” basket ” remains much higher than the threshold for ” basketball player ” , a term that has come to the conclusion that this may be the most important one .





We rank high with the TF – IDF measure of the correlation time for SEO purposes , it should be performed only moderately better than using individual words . In other words , it is generating a high score TF- IDF hopes for an SEO boost is not enough . Instead , we developed other concepts on the page should be thought of as an important component of the IDF TF- .

3. Synonyms and Close Variants

With 6 billion searches per day , Google is a search box when searchers type in question contains a wealth of information to determine what that actually means . Synonyms search is Google’s own research shows that up to 70 % of a role .

To solve this problem , the search engine searchers use different words than your text to match the content of the questions , even when they can , and close synonym for billions of phrases which possess vast corpuses . As an example, the same thing can mean the picture of the dog that question is :

Photos of dogs a�? Dogs a�? Dogs a�? Dog pictures Dog photographs a�? Photos a�? Photo

On the other hand , the query Motion Picture dog means something else entirely , and it is important for the search engines to know the difference .

From an SEO point of view , the use of natural language and content diversity , instead of over and over again and that means employing the same rigorous reviews .








Also added to the semantic meaning and the same keyword phrase can send more than one idea , can help solve the problem of disambiguation is used variations of your main subject . Plant and shrub vegetation such as plants and factories together , could refer to the manufacturing plant .

4. Page Segmentation

Where you place your words on a page often as important as the words themselves .

In different parts of each Web page – headers , footers , sidebars, and made more . Search engines have long worked to determine the most important part of a given page . Both Microsoft and Google more relevant section of the HTML content in a variety of suggestions to carry more weight in the patent .

The main body of the text contents of the text to be placed in alternative positions in sidebars or holds more importance . Boilerplate locations , or Chrome to re- establish the text runs the risk of being discounted more .


We often hide parts of the page to move the page segmentation of the mobile device becomes significantly more important . That are important to users and search engines want to serve part of your pages , so the focus of the text in this area deserves.
Take it a step further , HTML5 , such as the < article > In addition to the semantic elements , < aside > is provided , and < nav > , which clearly you can define sections of a web page .
5. Semantic Distance and Term Relationships
When talking about on-page optimization , semantic distance in the text refers to the relationship between different words and phrases . Unlike the physical distance between these phrases , and terms of the sentence , paragraph , and focuses on how to connect to the other HTML elements .
Two phrases in the same sentence to the engine when the “Labrador” to ” dog breeds ” do not search to know about ?
A�HTML elements of the search engine by measuring the distance between the different words and phrases to solve this problem . May relate to the idea , the concept semantically closer . Semantically the same paragraph, the phrases in different blocks of text than by the individual phrases .
In addition , HTML element to them closer together , to shorten the distance between concepts , semantic . For example , the list of items can be considered equal to each other remotely , and ” every other word in a document to be close to the title of the document can be considered “
6. Co-occurrence and Phrase-Based Indexing

Up to this point , we have discussed individual keywords and their mutual relations . Entire phrases based on search engine pages indexed methods , and ranking pages also employ those phrases relevance .

We all know the phrase -based indexing the process .

Whai is most attention grabbing concerning this method is important phrases for Google to determine how a web page is , but Google can use these phrases to rank a web page based on how relevant they are .

Using the concept of co-occurrence of the search engines know that certain phrases and other phrases that tend to predict. The main subject of your targets, “John Oliver,” This phrase is often “late night comedian,” “The Daily Show,” and “HBO co-operation with the other

phrases happens, a�? These terms square measure connected in terms of a page and a page that does not contain ” John Oliver “is more likely to be about.

Phrase-Based Indexing and Co-occurrence



Concerned , with the co-occurring phrases and you can add pages to your page from the incoming links relevant signal was strong .

7. Entity Salience

Looking to the future , search engines are exploring ways to use the relationships between entities , not just topical relevance , to determine the expression .

As a Google research paper published in a way , being of relevance for the allocation of priority .

By leveraging the relationship between being a dominant entity in terms of finding relevant documents , TF – IDF , the strategy goes beyond traditional sound . Is an entity distinct and well defined is nothing in that document .

On the other entities with an entity of the relationship , the entity becomes even more important .




The image shows an article Iron Man , Tony Stark , Pepper Potts , and science fiction is . The phrase ” Marvel Comics ” in these conditions is a strong entity relationship . Some of it is probably the only document it is , will be displayed once .

On the other hand , the phrase “Cinerama” ( because the film showed ) appear multiple times , though , this phrase has a weak entity , and probably not as important .


Practical tips for good on-page optimization

We are subject to the placement of the sound change as more advanced practice , it is easy to incorporate this idea into our content . Most of us do not have the available means to calculate a semantic relationship and the entity of the event , when we can take simple steps to optimize the content of a number of handicrafts are:

1. Your keyword research base form :

Even their own are no longer sufficient to form the basis of individual keywords in your content , however , everything is good in keyword research . What terms you are targeting , relative to the competition for those keywords , and you want to know the terms of popularity . Finally , people in your target keywords in the search box , type the connection and talk with your content .

2. Issues and themes around search :

Single keyword research is fine , and instead move towards exploring the theme of your words.A� check the reviews associated with every word

. When people talk about the subject , what’s the word they use to describe it ? What are the characteristics of your subject ? The central theme of your content to build support keyword phrases to use as a cast member .

3. When crafting your content to answer as many questions as you can :

Good content, answer questions, and semantically relevant content reflects this. A top rank in the search engines for any search query to answer the questions the best means to trust your content. If you structure your content around topics and themes as you answer the questions, and better than the competition by offering a user experience that is sure to be in the top rank.

4. The use of natural language and diversity : During your keyword research , and other common way to refer to your searchers , and when this is appropriate for your assistive content . Semantic keyword research often invaluable in this process .

5. Place your most important content of the most important sections :

Avoid footers and sidebars for the content . Fancy CSS or JavaScript tricks to try to fool the search engines don,t.A� This can be the fore most vital content within the

most visible and accessible places where readers will go .

6. Structure your content appropriately :

Headers , paragraphs , lists , and tables of all the search engines to understand your issues and to provide the content framework . There is a clear website structure is similar to a good university paper . Paragraph , spelling and grammar organized the introduction , conclusion , employment issues , and your sources correctly .

At the end of the day , we are well on our content, built it simple to grasp or don,t want a super computer . We wrote to the people for the people , then the content is optimized for search engines becoming goes a long way . The goal of on-page SEO and do your best tips ?

Tusar Sarker , who provided images for this post , thanks .





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