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in Download - 09 Feb, 2015
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14 Best Portable Software Download Now

Hi friend, Thanks for visit Banglarprojukt. Hope you well. Today I write about Portable Software.

What is portable software? Portable mines easy carry able. It is a one kind of software you did not need any install or setup it. Just open and run the software. If you have portable software on your pen-drive then you can easily run it without any setup or install.

Now I tell about, 14 best portable software. You can also download from here.

Office Tools

Open Office Portable :A�It is like Microsft Office. It is portable lynx version. You can read any file by it. You did not need setup any Word or Excel software. Just open your file by this softer.

Download Link (300 MB)

AbiWord Portable :A�AbiWord is a quick text editor softer. By this softer you can easily edit your test file. It is like Microsoft word. The system of this softer is easy from Microsoft word. It have also a extra system. By this softer you can also create HTML file.

Download LinkA� (15.2 MB)

Security and Maintenance

Clam Win: A�It is a USB protect software. You can also call it as Antivirus.

Download Link (8.4 MB)

SuperAntiSpyware : SuperAntiSpyware is a latest Sean system. It also protects your USB device.

Download LinkA�(20.1 MB)

Personal Services

KeePass :A�We use many kind of password. Sometime we forgot our pass word. By this software you can save and manage you pass word.

Download LinkA�(10.8MB)


Mozila : Mozila is a popular browser. I think you know about it so I did not tell about it.

Download LinkA�(64.5MB)

Google Chrome: Chrome is a popular browser. I think you know about it so I did not tell about it.

a�?a�?a��a�?a�?a��a�? a�?a�?a��a�?a��A�( 350.4 mb )

FTP Client

FileZilla : If you are a web developer/designer then this software is for you. If you are then you know about FTP or File Transfer Protocol. If you are a blogger then you need this softer.A�http://filezilla-project.org/

order celebrex, purchase Zoloft. Download LinkA�(6.3 MB)

Media Apps

VLC Media Player:A� VLC MediaA�is a popular media player. I think you know about it.

Download LinkA�(24.1 MB)

Audacity:A�It is a nice softer. By this softer you can get music from any audio. Try it and sing song.

Download LinkA�(5.7 MB)

ImgBurn:A�It is a boot able disk maker. By this softer you can create boot able DVD.

Download LinkA�(8.3 MB)


7-Zip:A�It is Zip opener software. By this software you can open you Zip or rar file.

Download LinkA�(2.3 MB)

WinRar :A�WinRAR is Zip opener software. By this software you can open you Zip or rar file. It is also a composer softer.

Download LinkA�(7.5 MB)


We all know about chat. It is chatting software. We use many kind of software for chanting like mass-anger. We know Yahoo Messenger, Pidgin Messenger, Digsby Messenger, Nimbuzz Messenger etc. It is also a mass-anger.

Download Link (15.2 MB)


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